Captain Barbossa Tumbles Apples
"Leave me an apple if ye 'ave the courage t' do so." Chuckles and tips his hat.

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Do you love Barbossa ;)


True or false hour.

An expression of foul disgust crept over Jack’s face.


Rubbish and lies…

We all know you’re in love with meh charming and salty persona.

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"Why, don't you remember me? I am shocked with surprise. I'm Evelyn BlackRose. We've met once before." The pirate captain explained.

"My memory fails meh after being at Sea for so long." He rumbled before polishing the apple on the lapel of his long coat. The tall pirate shined the delectable piece of fruit up and admired it in a loving way. "And whaaat brings yah t’ meh black waters Miss BlackRose?"

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My dock is big enough to fill up your port hole.

That port is closed…

Until yah can prove it yellow bellied land lubber~

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A pirate with auburn hair tosses the Captian an apple to him whilest she takes a bite of her own. "Long time no see, Captian."

Captain Barbossa caught the apple and eyed it suspiciously. “I tend t’ be  a man of mystery.” Ha gave her a charming, toothy grin that reeked of confidence. Aren’t all pirates? And whom do I ‘ave the honor of being ‘n her beguilin’ presence? Hmm?”

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*tail wiggles*

Blue eyes go wide, and a gruff hot breath escapes the pirate that had been out to Sea for far too long. The sight of a familiar tail puff waggling before him was enough to put wind in his sails. “Hjin, yah ‘ave no idea how much I missed yah…’nd thaaat lil’ puff~”

{{I am so happy to see you’re still around! Much Love. }}


When characters won’t admit their feelings for each other even though it’s so obvious

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Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of The Black Pearl

I am the master of my fate.
—Captain Barbossa (via a-r-t-i-n-v-e-i-n)


Every time I eat an apple I am Barbossa.


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"Well, well. Aren't you a scraggly sight for sore eyes." ((BARBSY! :D))


A Picture


{{PirateGLOMP I missed you! Yes, BossaMonster put his foot down and said I must pay this acct some attn xDDD }}

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How'd you like to come to port and see my dock?

How big is your dock?

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