Captain Barbossa Tumbles Apples
"Leave me an apple if ye 'ave the courage t' do so." Chuckles and tips his hat.

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Captain Barbossa swaggered slowly to an empty table located in the corner of The Trustworthy Barnacle, a popular tavern on Tortuga he frequented when he sought port. He sunk low in the chair and spent two hours drinking one bottle of rum after another. He flirted with the pretty lasses, listened to other pirate’s tall tales and jested along with the best of them. Losing track of time and enjoying himself immensely. But, that was all about to change as he spied an all too familiar form in his line of sight.

Was he seeing things?

Was he that drunk, he was hallucinating?

“Jaaack…Sparrow!” The name rolled off of his tongue with a distinct annoyance. 

capnhbarbossa sent:

Hello, beautiful person ♡ once you get this, you must share five random facts about yourself, and then pass this onto your ten favourite followers ♡ <3

1. Ima be licensed soon =] 

2. I’m drinking Mountain Dew right now, watch out.

3. I just got over a cold. BLEH.

4. I haven’t bought one Christmas present. 

5. I have had the worst chocolate cravings lately? WTH I guess its this time of year. =]

Here be some apples for ye, Captain Barbossa! :3

T H A N K   Y O U 

bookwormbeauty sent:

"Anything you'd love to have for Christmas, mon capitaine?"

"You! Wrapped up in a big blue bow -tha is all meh black heart yearns fer."

despicable-scientist sent:

This mad scientist misses yeh! Lookin' forward t'yeh're return, Cap'n! >8)